Awasome Airsoft Gunz





Introduction: Awasome Airsoft Gunz

About: well im a secret agent for the FBI they picked me up for the FBI cause im a forest elf and a slayer of older brothers everywhere my latest job was to destroy all older brothes in boston.i cant tell u more or...

look at these gunz ive gotten to shoot them all i <3 airsoft gunz



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    really ? you are correcting him on his grammar and then you have improper grammar yourself

    and it was spelling not grammar

    That was two years ago, and I know I didn't had the best grammar either back then. Since then, my grammar has improved, while still not being close to perfect. But at least it's better than the spelling / grammar / whatever shown in this ible.

    But yeah, no reason to revive a two year old comment.

    They're made by Crosman. They're ok, they cost an average of $40. I wouldn't recommend them if you are a really serious airsofter, however.

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    Jah, ak's are cool. I don''t have one, I have 3 springers (umarex 90-two, ASG M14 socom and double eagle mp40, I get an gold arrow M4 super 90 with my birthday) I only have springers, cause airsoft is illegal in the netherlands

    The first pic is an HK mp5(I think, looks a lot like it) and is a piece of junk. The second is a Remington TAC 1 shotgun and is pretty good for begginers and recreational users. The third pic I have no idea... And the forth pic is the crosman stinger s32p and is very similar to the TAC 1.