Awesome AK47 Nerf Gun




Hey guys its me again and I wanted to show you my latest project of the nerf rapid strike cs 18 so here your go

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Step 1: Materials

Ok so for paint I used a citadel cammo green and some krylon fusion for plastic and the colour for that was flat black
I also used some testors black for some of the black details

For the barrel I used a retaliator barrel and then did the sniper mod for that witch is just making the barrel longer with extra tubing

Step 2: What If

So if you want to make your nerf rapidstrike like mine then I will tell you what I did (kind of like a tutorial)
First I did the RC batterie mod on the rapid strike witch is probably the best mod for this gun cause the motors will never fry with these batteries
Then I spay painted the gun all black completely
Then I use the citadel cammo green for the details
Then last I did the black details and then added a clear coat



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    5 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Ya I took apart the gun before I painted it and it took me 2 rapid strikes to do this because of the wiring I messed up the first rapid strike that I tried to do this with. And no I didn't mod it, the mothers were too expensive


    4 years ago

    Did you clear coat the gun, or even take it apart and remove the internals when painting it? If you didn't, the trigger pull must feel disgusting, and The gun is probably not functioning very well.


    5 years ago

    maybe a banana clip from the destroyer 2in1 would look better


    5 years ago

    Thx and I know I forgot the orange on the barrel so I had to put orange paint on the retaliator barrel and then I had to sand Down the paint on the rapidstrike so it now has a orange barrel. That's how smooth I am ( JK )