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Introduction: Awesome Bike Customization

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Hi friends I'm writing this instructables show how I change my old bike into a new and powerful beast

It was pretty simple and looked better than a readymade costly cycle though it was made for one tenth of the cost of a nice cycle.

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Step 1: Clean the Cycle

Nicely rough the cycle with Sandpaper and water wash it to remove any dust particles or old paint as the stickers won't stick on to old paint.

Step 2: Apply the Stickering Sheet

This step involves covering the cycle with a design.
you could do sticker bombing ,apply sticker sheet or cover it with wrapping paper .It's all up to you.
I have used wrapping paper as it is easy and fast .
make sure that you select the right colour and design to suit you and your cycle
Just take out the film and stick it on the cycle properly

(sorry no pics of the actual sheet used or cycle in this step)

Step 3: Spray Paint Time

Get the colour of your choice and apply the Spray paint in all areas inaccessible to wrapping sheet.
make sure to apply more than a single coat to get a rich finish.

Step 4: Add Some Upgrades

Add an Electrical horn and lights ;nice foot pegs, Chrome pedals or anything to your choice .

These are the actual things which will make your cycle stand out from the rest, So make sure you select these properly

Step 5: Get Some Stickers

Though the design's already good we gotta to highlight some special stickers so get them easily on any e Commerce website
Stick them in locations where you think they will look good and you have got a pretty good theme for you cycle.


Your beast is ready to take on to the road I am sure you will do enjoy with it ; )

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    Real great work .. nice way to put it forward, makes understanding easy

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