Awesome Digital Hacks for Your Daily Life

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Intro: Awesome Digital Hacks for Your Daily Life

Sit back and enjoy the life hacks I present to you.please vote.firstly a preview. Log on to For my video.

Step 1: Secure Digital Card or Sd Card

For the sake of brevity,like a lot of us out there.connecting your phone to an aux cable is not the best option . That's where Sd cards come in. They are small. They are compact,you could keep them in your purse . the best part is that you can store upto 80,000 songs on this small thingy.

Step 2: Wifi Dongle

Everybody knows about rpi so I won't bore you. What you can use is a wifi dongle.put your wifi dongle in the USb slot of your wireless router and you just boost your wifi upto 3 times.

Step 3: Dash Cams

As a bonus I am going to tell you about dash cams .they are cameras mounted on your dash board and come in handy in everyday life.thank you.please vote.



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    2 years ago

    Dear It is requested to work-out properly and double check the things prior to post and question himself that what we are going to post. Otherwise, it would be like a washing power advertisement . Company claims that every type of stains can be Hack.

    Thanks & Try again for better achievment, please.


    2 years ago

    be nice and kind... ok... it's kind of disappointing... just 3 obvious things, and you ask for vote... really?

    2 replies

    Reply 2 years ago

    yes, only other obvious thing, nothing real "hack"...