Awesome Fireworks Fired From RC Airplane





Introduction: Awesome Fireworks Fired From RC Airplane

If you would like to remotely ignite fireworks from a radio controlled airplane, there's a lot you need to know. Not to mention that you will have to learn how to fly these things. Let's make the assumption that you are an experienced pilot, with a suitable sized RC airplane for this specific project.

Step 1: What You'll Need...

Step 2: Build It!

Khantal coil - take a piece of khantal wire and wind it up on a 1.5mm drillbit, this depends on the diameter of the fuse. Solder the necessary wires and connections as shown in the pictures. Khantal wire is a non-solderable material, so you will have to take a piece of copper wire and wrap around the wire going from the khantal coil.



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    7 Discussions

    nice. you could put bigger ones on it

    It is illegal to arm any civilian aircraft. FAR 135.120 Prohibition against carriage of weapons.

    It's very illegal in Canada and the United States unless you have the correct permits. Wow, 5 years to start in Canada plus all the transport Canada rules you would break...


    2 years ago

    Not so sure this is illegal. It may not be legal as concerning the AMA rules. But I don't think it is illegal via any government laws. At least I haven't found any such law.

    With that stated, nice project. I used to teach R/C flying and have since got out of the hobby. But always interesting in seeing what others have done. I don't see this any more invasive then smoke bombs being dropped or even smoke trails on R/C aircraft. Ha, I even seen a drone shooting 22 rimfire ammo on one. The Feds didn't seem to worry about that either. So carry on!

    You are aware this is illegal?
    This kind of thing makes it harder for all of us that abide by the rules and have caused the government to step in and add all the restrictions they have.
    You need to have some sense of responsibility. What you are doing affects all serious modelers.

    Your video is fantastic!