Awesome Floating Flame Lighter Trick



this tutorial show you how to do the flame trick

Step 1: Lighter

are you bored playing this lighter not any more because you can do the flame trick by following this simple steps

Step 2: Materials

you'll need lighter and a pen

Step 3: First Material

get your lighter

Step 4: The Hole

if you peek the hole you can see the small circle that the fire comes trough the hole

Step 5: Pen

get hour pen

Step 6: Remove

then remove the cap also the metal one that we use in writing

Step 7: The Stick

stick the pen in the hole and the fire circle and you'll just blow the pen until the ink comes out and the ink will straight into the fire circle

Step 8: Try

then you'll try it

Step 9: Patience

you'll need a lots of practice to do this one and my thumb hurts and be patient

Step 10: Fire

if it is firing you are almost perfect the trick

Step 11: Done

it is done but in this picture it is not floating because it is hard to get pictures and the fire is fast



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