Flower Plucking Tool!.

tired of pulling the flower along with the tree or mistakenly loosing grip of it?

here is a kind of a solution.

Step 1: Okay Lets Get Started!.

get a scissor, it can be big one or a small one it doesn't matter. but i recommend a big one because you can pluck huge amount of flowers at once.

you need 3 straws

a one tooth pick or barbecue stick that can be put into the straw.

some glue,it should be a strong glue ex- superglue.

here i used some glue tag, but don't use it it's pretty weak.

Step 2: Modifieng the Straws

put the tooth pick or the barbecue stick into both straws and glue it

stick a one metal hook to a one end of a straw and glue it as shown in the fig.

remember that straw length depends on your scissor.

Step 3: Glue It!.

for demonstration, i used glue tag but remember to use a strong glue or it might break of easily.

Step 4: Back of the Scissors.

put the hook into a another empty straw and glue the straw to the scissors. then stick the barbecue stick from back of the straw to tighten the hook and then glue it.

Step 5: There You Have It.

this is more fun to pluck small bouquet of flowers.

but don't hold scissors upside down because the flower might fall.



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