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I have this room in my house and wanted to build a fort in it.  here is the fort I built and how I built it 

Step 1: Materiels

A couch multiple blankets pillows and a recliner chair or something to support the blankets and tape and some books and nerf guns (you don't need them they just make it look cooler when finished)

Step 2: Starting the Fort

take the pillows off of the couch and set them down out of the way for later after that turn the couch around and flip it on its side (doesn't work with foldouts) put it at a little bit of an angle so that you can enter when finished

Step 3: Covering Secret Rooms

with a blanket or two you should cover the room that you just made from the couch.  I leaned my couch against the rail but you can also lean it against the wall or in the middle of the floor.  I also used some pillows to cover holes that my couch didn't cover

Step 4: Putting a Cover on the Rest of the Fort

I used many blankets to cover the main area.  I also used a recliner chair as support and pillows to hold the blankets down.  I put one corner of the blue blanket in the door and shut the door

Step 5: Putting Up White Blanket

I had to use tape while putting up the white sheet.  you can use tape or anything that works.  I also used some old year books that are heavy that can hold the blankets down

Step 6: Putting on Extra Blankets That Cover Space Left Open This Step Is Optional

there is some space left open and I wanted to cover it.  I take a blanket and put it on top of the blue one and also under some books.  you can tighten it more if needed

Step 7: Adding Doors

I took two blankets and put them up on the white sheet as doors.  if you have a better idea feel free to use it

Step 8: Adding Finishing Touches This Step Can Be Skipped

I have some nerf guns and thought I could use them to shoot any one who decided to come in my fort.  and for the fun of shooting stuff with nerf guns.  you can set them up where ever you would like to

Step 9: Dividing Rooms. Can Be Skipped

I wanted to divide my main room so I used a big pillow from my couch to divide it.  I had to use another pillow to hold it up so it wouldn't fall.  you may not have to

Step 10: Hope You Injoy This Huge Fort!!!! Thanks for Looking at How to Make This Fort

this is a finished picture of the fort. 



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    5 years ago

    I don't have any. Sorry!!!! The Inside can change if you want it to be differant

    gymno pro

    5 years ago on Step 10



    5 years ago

    Shouldn't**. Sorry


    5 years ago

    Thanks!!!! What part do you want to see? I have a few pictures. You should need to have pictures because you create the fort and can add and take away things. I just gave the idea


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Neat! I like the Nerf sniper nest.
    Any more pictures from inside?