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About: Hi! My name is Brenna and I love crafts. I like creating and dancing. I also like sining.

This fort is easy to make. You will need: Tape Two chairs A heavy game Bed Sheet More games (completely optional)

Step 1: The Taping Part

Tape the sheet to one of the chairs and to the bed.

Step 2: The Heavy Game

Put the game on the sheet so it won't go anywhere.

Step 3: Dresser

Put the sheet in the dresser

Step 4: Put the Chair in the Middle

Put another chair in the middle of the fort.

Step 5: TV Set Up

This is the tv set up part. Completely optional step. You'll need: An itouch. iPods work best A lego platform 4 lego bricks Begin by installing watch disney channel or nick or whatever tv app you like See my instructable for iPod touch stand Boom your done with that!

Step 6: More Games

Have other games around to. If you draw like me, paper pencil crayons. I drew this bag.

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    5 years ago

    Woah cool and like ur drawing! I have to try this all my forts just fall down :-( (RIGHT ON ME) and then I try again and it happens again and again. I'm gonna use it these hols it'll be ULTIMATE!!!


    5 years ago