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Hi, This is my first Instructable so I might be a little discombobulated.

Something sharp e.g, needle (I'm using the sharp end of a compass)
A leatherman/needle nose pliers.
A pencil.

That's it for the tools!

Step 1: Stabbing With Sharp Thing

Okay, Now get the pencil onto a flat surface, wood. Get the sharp thing and go ahead and stab the pencil's side. (You can either jab it really fast or push it in to the wood.) You should do this on all sides. Also, there should be little holes where the sharp thing punctured the side of the pencil. It should look something like the photos below. Good, you're ready for the next step!

Step 2: Squishing the Pencil

Ok, now that you've done the stabbing, go ahead and get ready for the squishing! 

Squishing is simple, get the pencil and put it on to the ridged edges of the pliers, as shown the picture below. Then squeeeezzzzeeee! When you get the pencil out there should be little ridges where you squeezed. Do this all around the pencil covering all of the surface area. If it is hard for you to squeeze you can use a softer pencil or soak the current one in water for a little and poke it around so that water gets in the wood..

If you used the soaking trick, leave it in the sun or put it under the Torch (Just kidding) or a heat lamp.

Step 3: All Done!!!

Great, now your finished. This pencil is guaranteed not to fall out of your hand. Thank you for looking at my instructable and please leave a comment and rate. 

P.S. Can someone post a diagram in the comments of how you wire up a full wave rectifier/ where the ac in is and the dc out? Please?




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    7 years ago on Introduction

    thats a compass not a protractor ;) or correctly a pair of compasses

    either way, not a protractor.

    1 reply