Awesome Hydoponic Drip System

Introduction: Awesome Hydoponic Drip System

A hydroponic system is another way to grow plants. It was very fun to do it cost me about $100. You could do it for about $75 or less because I bought my stuff in bulk.

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Step 1: Get the Materials

The materials you need are: a storage container 20 ft of 1/2 inch tubing 10 ft of 1/4 inch tubing 120 GPH pump PH tester Drill 4 1/2 inch right angles Ph up or down Nutrients 1 gallon container 2 inch ''net pots'' 2 inch drill bit Seeds Coco pith hydrocorn Water 1 1/2 inch T Grow light

Step 2: Drill the Holes

Use the 2 inch drill bit and drill holes on the lid of the storage container 2 inches apart

Step 3: Add the Main Pipe

First, put your pump on the bottom of the storage container. Second, cut off 5 feet of the 1/2 inch tubing and just keep it inside the container for now. Third, cut a hole in the lid by the edge on one side. The hole should be a little bigger than a 1/2 inch. Use a 3/4 inch drill bit. Then, run the tube through the hole and use the T and connect it to the bottom of the T. Let it just rest their for now. Lay the 4 angles in every corner. Then cut off a section that is from the T to the angle that is next to it and keep cutting off sections and connecting them so it makes a square using the angles.

Step 4: Add the 1/4 Inch Line

First, use a small drill bit like 3/16 and drill a holes by ever 2 inch hole in the main line the 1/2 inch line. Second, use the the 1/4 line and cut one end and an angle and shove it in a hole and cut it so that it goes to the 2 inch hole and do that to everyone.

Step 5: Plant the Plants

Use the seeds and coco pith it's as simple as that

Step 6: Test Your Water

Use the Ph tester you want it to be 5.5-7.0 depending on the plant. You can look it up online it should say or my Ph tester had a packet that had over 100 plants. That's also were the Ph up or down. The reason why mine says 2 ml per gallon is because I did that to remind me. My water was a 7.5 and now my water is at 5.5

Step 7: Water

Once your Ph is down. Add 3-5 ml of nutrients. I got my nutrients at

Step 8: Add Your Water

Add 5-10 gallons of water

Step 9: Add Your Plants

Take the net pots and add a 1/2 inch layer of hydrocorn and put a plant on top of the hydrocorn. Take some more and sorround the plant with it. Put it in the big hole and put the small tube in the plant.

Step 10: Grow Light

Have the grow light above the plants

Step 11: Your Hydroponic Drip System

This a working hydroponic system. I just harvested a couple of days ago and I got 23 bundles of lettuce in a month total.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome project, always wanted to have a go at something like this!!