Awesome Motorcycle Paint Idea

Introduction: Awesome Motorcycle Paint Idea

Complex & Creative design that can be done by almost anyone. This is a beginner's attempt at painting, the result blew away my expectations! With a little bit of time and effort, you too can create a personalized piece of art like this. This DIY will give you free range to explore your own creative instinct. Thier are millions of different ways you can make this DIY your own.

Step 1: Paint Stripper & Primer

This step only applies to surfaces already coated in paint. The first step is to strip the original paint with Aircraft Remover or an equivalent product. I used a paint stripper to speed up the removal. During this step any "bondo" may be applied to repair body damage. Next apply a few coats of paint primer. It would be wise to sand (fine grain paper) the primed area smooth before moving on to the next step.

Step 2: Base Layers

This is a more complex two tone paint job. All of the following steps can be adjusted based on preferance. First i taped off the different areas. For this project I gave it chrome/silver layers on the top & flat black layers on the sides. to keep my lines straight i used a combination of pinstripe tape and painters tape. Also remember to utilize the darker color over the lighter color to assure that you dont leave any paintless spots.

Step 3: Stencil/Lace Step

This step should be conducted after the base layers have completely dried. Lay down a lace over the base layers. Tighten it for snug fit with things such as paper clips and painters tape. Once secured choose a color to spray over the lace. Remember light coats are key to success in this applicaton. Remove the lace gently after paint has dried. Lace is easily accessible at your local fabric store such as Johanne Fabric's. I purchased 3 yards and it was plenty.

Step 4: Clear Coat

Horrible lighting, but in the sun this clear coat shines! Definitely an eye catcher.



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    7 Discussions

    just grrreat

    This looks great! Love the contrast of hard and soft with this texture/substrate. Nice work.

    I was just looking to see if there was an ible for this as I'd recently lace painted all my tins.

    One thing that helps is a bit of clear underneath the lace so you can wetsand the lace away if necessary.

    Great work though!

    I've used lace stencilling on a table top, but would never have thought of it for this - the result is great! Well done!

    We did that back in the 60's...I still like it.