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Introduction: Awesome Movie Effect/Prop

I was just fooling around, and I found an awesome way to create DRINKABLE sewage water! check it out! BTW: This is my first ible. As customary I am mentioning the fact.

Step 1: All It Takes Is...

... some (about a 4:1 ratio of coke to milk) coke and 2% milk. Plus a vessel to contain your creation and some room.

Step 2: What to Do.

Put the coke in the container of your choice. Put the milk in and hold it over a sink or something of that nature to catch what bubbles over, because some of the concoction might bubble over. Once the bubbling stops, let everything separate, and then you will have sewage water that tastes like coke!



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    best movies Ghayal Once Again visit here

    What are you supposed to do with the jalapenos? Otherwise, pretty clever.

    Laverne's favorite drink (minus the peppers) from "Laverne and Shirley"

    This looks awesome! I'm gonna try this

    You can also put chunks of icecream (small pieces) to make it more chunky, and maybe a drop of green food coloring.

    Well, you know, there could be a "gross giggles" (that's what I calls them anyway) scene where some hapless plumber fixing pinpes gets a mouthful of raw sewage.

    So, wait, do you add the jalapeños or did they just happen to be there.