Awesome Paper Desktop Nameplate




This instructable will tell you how to make a desktop name plate like the ones that big business bosses have on their desks.

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Step 1: Materials

What you will need...

An 8 1/2 by 11 piece of printer paper

Sharpie (any color is fine)

A brain (very important)

Hands that are attached to you!

Step 2: First and Second Folds

Fold the paper the long way. Fold it that way again with the one that you first folded. Look at picture for help.

Step 3: More

Now fold it the long way once. Now do the same thing again. Look at pictures.

Step 4: More

Take the paper and unfold it. I know this is a short step but you have to do it.

Step 5: More

Now you have to look at the pictures for discriptons. What you have to do cant be explained in words...

Step 6: More

Now you should fold the bottom of the paper up half way of the corners that you made. (remember pictures!!) Now fold the paper where its the middle.

Step 7: More

Do this again with what you have left... Look at the pictures. Fold up the bottom too.

Step 8: More

just fold it again with the corners and bottom!

Step 9: Ending

Take the corners and un fold them. now fold the bottom part in before the corners.

Step 10: All Done!!

Now write what ever you want on the name plate and display your awesome new desktop nameplate. And remember to comment. Don't say anything about me only explaining through the pictures, I couldn't find a way to explain in words. Also comment if you have other ideas for my Instructables.


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