Awesome Pocket Sized Halloween Prank-OR-Awesome Halloween Effect!




Introduction: Awesome Pocket Sized Halloween Prank-OR-Awesome Halloween Effect!

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Here's the scenario... you go to a friends Halloween party. They have all the typical decorations and "spooky" goofy stuff through out the house...yawn! You Need to go to the Bathroom and set up this creepy prank....

This will take some prep time at home. You will need:

An MP3 player
Small set of speakers
Wire ties
Audio Editing software
Wire cutters, screwdriver or multi tool.

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Step 1: Record Some Chatter

Grab your mic and record some Nonsense whispy whispering, giggles, heavy breathing. Edit it down. You can do it however you want. I like to play with channels and layering. I left gaps of silence so it would wouldn't be constant. Once you get it how you like it mix it down to a file. I have attached the audio I made, feel free to download it and skip this step altogether. 

Step 2: Rigging Up Your Mp3 Player

This step will vary depending on your player. I am using my old Gen 2 Ipod. You can also pick up a cheap $10 no name model.  

Load up your spooky audio to your player.

Tie the loose ends of the string together. String should be about 20 inches long.

Wrap your mp3 player with wire ties and loop your string through them so the whole unit hangs.

Attach your speakers. I used an old set of Realistics I had laying around.

Your pocket gag is ready to go.

Step 3: Setting Up the Gag!

Go into your victims bathroom and find their heating vent. Using your multi tool remove the screws.

Pull the vent out and loop the string through one of the grates or louvers.

Reach through the loop and pull the player through and cinch it up tight.

Press play on the player and make sure it is set to play the file continuously.

Carefully lower the player into the duct and reattach the vent.

Walk away.  

Step 4: Let the Fun Begin.

Now the bathroom becomes something very creepy. Depending on what you recorded and the volume you set it can be harsh and annoying or subtle and creepy....subtle and creepy works will really scare the crap out of someone when they hear voices in the duct work. Especially the host! 

Another variation is to find a duct opening in the basement and string up your creation with a hard drive magnet.

Have fun, Happy Halloween!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    LOL you are too funny...please do this at The family Christmas get together...Please???