Awesome Shoelace Tie




No more falling because of loose and open laces .. i have developed an awesome trick to tie the best laces

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Step 1: ​lets Get Started

Pull both ends of the shoe laces

Step 2: Interlooping Twice

loop twice from each other...

ps. we regularly loop the laces only single time ..

Step 3:

pull both the ends like so..

Step 4: Looping on One End

now make a loop like so one one end of the lace

Step 5: Repeat Same As Before

replicate the previous step and mke the loop on the other lace

Step 6: Tighten

tighten both the loops so as to make it ficed on both th ends..and you are done

Step 7: Open Really Easy

watch the video to open the laces and gimme thumbs up and subscribe for more diy tricks and hacks


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    3 years ago

    Nice way to tie shoes!