Awesome Snow Cave


Introduction: Awesome Snow Cave

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Not so much showing you how to make it because I'm entering in the snow contest but this is what I did.

Step 1: Step 1

You have to get a lot of snow. I used a skid steer.

Step 2: Step 2

Then just dig it out. Try to keep it round as this will make it stronger.

Step 3:

Now carve out shelfs for candles.

Step 4:

Now put a wind lock over the opening. I used a saucer sled.

Step 5:

You are done
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    Mine is big enough for me to stand in and about 5-6 feet around. (I'm 4 1/2 feet tall.

    @nerfrocket. dont make your snow forts big enough for 2 huh? lol

    I'm an eleven year old kid. You are right that it is dangerous, but I had help from an expert. He taught me how to keep it round as that makes it a lot stronger. Thanks for the warning though.

    Very dangerous for kids to play in (adults, too). Quite a few have died from those collapsing in on them. Even instances where others were present and immediately tried to dig them out. It doesn't take much snow to completely immobilize you.

    Be careful! You might consider some internal side and overhead bracing. This could be put in place before building up the mound of snow and could remain invisible.

    I use a torch to "glaze" the inside walls.

    This is similar to how I do it only I spray the outside down with water really good when the temperature is below freezing and it will for a super hard ice shell around it. The insided automatically gets iced overtime from body heat when you sit in if for any length of time. Thanks for sharing!

    Good place to randomly stay unless a fox comes along and wants to sleep there...