Awesome Star Card Gift




A Handmade Surprise Gift for your loved ones. Try this at home.

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Step 1: Things You Need

1. one white cardboard

2. 5 or 6 black paper boards (A4 Size)

3. 5 or 6 red A4 sheets

4. some quotes, poems and photos of your loved one

5. glue

6. a scissor

7. red and black color baby ribbons (0.75 m long each)

8. color pens or platignum

Step 2: Making the Star Card

You can decide the size of your star card. Here I used the 14x9 cm. First you should cut 7 rectangles (size: 14x18cm) from the white card board. Then bend then like book. Next attach each sides using a good glue. But remember to keep one side (let's call it R side). You can see the picture and understand it. So congratulations! You pass the basic step of a star card.

Then you should cut 6 rectangles (size: 14x12cm) from the red A4 papers. After that put glue in the edge of the height side of the rectangular (14cm long side) and then paste it on the white card board's rectangular edges. Remember to keep R side as it was.

Next cut 6 rectangles (size: 14x9 cm) from the black color paper boards. Then do the same thing you have done in the above step.

Step 3: Finish the Star Card

Then Attach the 2 ribbons like I described in the picture. Then cut another 2 rectangles from the black paper boards. (size: 14x9 cm). Then paste them in the R sides. It is our cover page and the back page of this star card. Okay, almost everything is done.

Then paste the pictures of your loved one and decorate it as you like.

Thank you!

And I made this for my boyfriend's 23rd b'day. He was really really surprised <3.

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    3 years ago

    This is so cool. Thank you for sharing!


    3 years ago

    Awesome. You just gave an idea, make one of that but gluing photos of summer, autumn, etc. One for each season. You put in on a table and it is a beautiful decoration. When the next season comes you just change it. You can do it with Christmas, Halloween, etc. Cheers.

    1 reply

    3 years ago

    Woooow! Woooow! that's awesome design.. thank a lot for sharing.. :) (y)

    1 reply