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Want to make your own succulent planter? Watch this quick and easy tutorial that will help you make your own gorgeous succulent planter + key tips and tricks.

Step 1: Assemble Your Supplies

For this project you need:

  • A planter (Ceramic and terra cotta pots work best for succulents.)
  • Succulents
  • Cactus Soil
  • Peddles or stones (optional)

Step 2: Pick a Focal Point

Pick a focal point, usually your largest succulent and design everything around this plant. When planting this plant create a mound of dirt and plant it at an angle so the face of the plant faces forward.

Dirt and Drainage: Use cactus or well draining soil. Make sure the pot has a way to drain water at the bottom. You don't want soggy succulents.

Step 3: Place Your Succulents & Plant

When figuring out where to place your plants keep them in the pots until you're happy with your arrangement.

When you're ready to plant completely expose the roots of the plant. Brush off all dirt.

Create mounds of dirt and plant the succulents in them. Everything will sink a couple inches once planted, so this helps keep all your beautiful plants above the rim of your planter.

Step 4: Propagating Your Plants

Propagating succulents is amazing! It's like getting plants - for free!

1. To propagate, pluck off leaves and leave in a window sill for a couple weeks out of direct sunlight. You'll see roots start to form. When this happens, place on top of dirt. Plants will root on their own. You can water them once they're planted in a pot.

2. You can also cut off a whole section of plant. This will also root. This method gets you cuttings, which are larger and grow faster than the single leaves.

Step 5: Succulent Inspiration

Here are other planters I've created. Play around with size, color and texture to create the most visually appealing planters.

Step 6: Care Instructions

Water your succulent (usually) once a week in the summer and even less in the winter. Make sure the soil dries completely between waters. The largest killer of succulents is over watering. If the leaves are bloated or start to mold you're overwatering.

Succulents like sunlight! If your succulents are kept in dark rooms they'll grow upward to search for light and end up looking "leggy" if this happens pull off the lower leaves and chop the floret at the top off. You can propagate the floret, and the leaves.

Good luck making your succulent planter! Send your photos to me on Facebook! or follow me on YouTube.



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    2 years ago

    What is that succulent in the main photo with the sphericl leaves?

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    OH haha I thought you meant a different plant! They are also commonly know as string of pearls.