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This is a toy that my dad and I made when I was around 7 years old. It consists of
-3 bolts 
-3 nuts that fit the bolts
-a piece of scrap plastic
-training wheels
-a metal dowel/wire (5 millimeters in diameter)
-a couple zip-ties
-a k-nex wheel
-duct tape
-a drill

The plastic is the main body. Drill 3 holes in it, 2 for eyes and one for nose. Then, drill a series of holes to form a mouth. Put the bolts through the eye holes and screw on the nut. Tape together the training wheels, and tape them onto the back of the plastic. Then, put the bolt through the tape, and screw on the nut with two washers in between. (Later, you will have to unscrew it a little to slip in the bent metal dowel.) Bend the metal into a circular shape at one end, and put it in between the washers, then tighten the nut onto the bolt again. Bend the other end so you can put on the k-nex wheel. Put zip-ties on either side of the wheel, to keep it in place. Then, put a zip-tie around the training wheels and the bent metal dowel. When I first built this, I nicknamed it "Robo." Have fun with yours!

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