Awesome Wall Clock


Introduction: Awesome Wall Clock

This clock can be made in 5 minutes and looks absolutely awesome!

Step 1: The Only Step

All you will need for this project is a wrist watch, a hard-disk platter, a hobby knife, and some pliers.

Start by disassembling the watch. Break of the little knob on the side of the watch used for setting the time. Take off the back and remove the plastic piece. Now, you should be able to take out the watch face with the clockwork. Then, simply slide what's left of the time setting rod under the edge of the hole in the hard-disk platter and center the watch face over the hole. You don't even need to glue it in as the time setting rod will hold it in the hole all by itself.

That's it! Now you have a gorgeous clock you can put on your desk! Just be careful not to touch the hands of the watch.



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    I love this Idea although my watch was a cheap £2.50 one and the back refused to come off ten minutes later I finally get it out and the hands fall off :l Unfortunate but.. Ohwell

    2 replies

    Actually they did that for me too, they are just pushed down on a series of bigger tubes inside each other, so you can just push them back down again with a knife and the tip of your finger. If the hour hand is in between the hours when the minute hand is on twelve you can just push it around a bit so that it fits.

    And the clock still works for me, (just take out the battery first so that the watch stops.)

    Thanks, If you want to you can vote for it in the Epilog Challenge, Tech Contest and University Contest