Make Your Own Awesome Weed Puller for Less Than 10.00!

Introduction: Make Your Own Awesome Weed Puller for Less Than 10.00!

How to make an extremely effective weed pulling tool out of pvc pipe and some string!

Step 1: Buy About 6' of About 1.75 Diameter Pvc Pipe and a "t" Fitting and a Foot of .5 Diameter Pvc Pipe.

Cut the pvc pipe at about 4' or whatever is comfortable for your height. Cut remaining piece in half and insert all pipes in "t" fitting. Superglue or secure some other way.

Step 2: Cut Boring/gripping Blades.

Cut direction depending on whether you want to turn the tool clockwise or counter clockwise. Be sure to cut a little notch as shown at the base of each blade for gripping the weed. I did kind of a crappy job on the notches but I recommend making a tapered notch to grip weed better.

Step 3: Add Pipe Cleaner Insert.

Use whatever you want that will fit into the large pipe for your debri remover weight. I used a .5" diameter 1 foot long piece of pvc pipe. Drill about a 1" hole in middle of "t" fitting. Drill hole in weight for shoelace or striing. Tie string to weight and top of "t" joint and drop weight into larger pipe. NOTE: When measuring string, be sure that when not in use, weight hangs about even with tips of cutting blades.

Step 4: Time to Pull Weeds!

Locate center of weed, center tool over weed, push down and rotate tool about one to two turns. Pull up on tool. Weed should be stuck in tool.

Step 5: Observe the Hole Left Behind.

You can leave the hole as it aerates the grass or you can plug it back up.

Step 6: Shake Debri From Tool.

Give tool a couple of up and down shakes. Weight will fall and knock debri from tool. NOTE: If you need more weight, just pop a rock or something into the hole at the top of the "t" joint.

Step 7:

Step 8:

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    Thank you! I know the video was crappy but I had the neighbor's 7 year old recording!