Awesome Led Cube





Introduction: Awesome Led Cube

You never know when you might need a glowing cube to convince people you are from the future.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

To make this you will need:
A LED (preferably high power)
a 3 volt coin cell battery
a 100 ohm resistor (anything close to 100 will work)
a momentary or push button switch.
thin sheet metal

hot glue gun
metal shears
soldering iron

Step 2: The Box

Cut out 6 squares of equal size from the plexiglass with a saw.
Use the hot glue gun to make them into a box. Leave off the last side for now.
Drill a hole in one side of the box, make the hole large enough for the button on the switch to be pushed through it.

Step 3: Lighting

Solder together the switch, resistor, and the led.
Duct tape the two wires that remain to the battery.
Hot glue the assembly to the inside of the cube with the button in the hole.

Step 4: Finish the Box

Fill the box with hot glue to diffuse the light.
Glue the final side on.

Step 5: Armor

Cut out of the sheet metal futuristic designs and glue them onto the cube.
Make sure that when you glue onto the button you don't stop it from being pressed down, and that it sticks out enough to be pushed down.

To give you an idea, Duck-Lemon made two templates. (last pictures)

Step 6: Time Travel!

Use the cube to slow, stop, or reverse time, or even turn ordinary technology into transformers. Your choice.

It looks the best in the dark.

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    I loved this idea, but instead of a single led I used a portion of an LED strip light, and left a small hole on the back to plug into power. It's not as portable, but you don't have to worry about a battery going bad.

    The resistor is used to keep the LED from drawing too much current and burning its self out. You dont HAVE to have one, but it will last longer if you do.

    Guys could we use aluminium foil for reflection instead of hot glue

    I've killed a few LEDs because I wasn't smart enough to use one. You really need it if you don't want to waste supplies making these.

    sir,i need more pict for the pattern of the lamp and resistor and battery

    You don't happen to remember exactly which LED's you used do you?

    how long does it last??

    The original picture for the cube looks quite a bit like a Borg cube from Star Trek TNG. I'm not a trekkie myself, but I have a friend who is, so it will be so much fun to freak him out.

    Where can you get the supplies

    So cool, but where do you get the supplies?

    Try to make a hexagonal prism instead of a cube. It will look AWESOME!!

    umm... the design templates only have 5 sides... is there supposed to be 6?

    A number of people where asking about changing LED's I found this and thought these would do the job

    My friend i would prefer using a black paint on your armour so it would look more good in the light

    Could you try make an apple of eden sort of thing like that. please im really trying to making for some cosplay.

    instead of filling it with hot glue you could either use sandpaper on the led or the plexiglass to give it a frosted look

    For the battery issue you could have a place you push down on that pops upen so it looks futuristicy.

    One Idea. If the Battery in these things are empty, youll have to throw it away, I guess. How about adding a Supercapacitor and an inductive charger to it? So youll have to shake it if you want it to Light up. I thought that would be kinda cool and youll wont have to worry about empty Batteries!

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