Awesome Pallet Lamp!




Introduction: Awesome Pallet Lamp!

What do you do when you have a spare lampshade and a broken old pallet? You make an awesome pallet lamp!

Per lamp you will need:

* Aluminium or copper tubing
* Electrical wire
* 1 pallet spacer block
* 1 pallet plank
* 1 lamp socket
* 1 switch
* 1 plug
*  Print out of the cheat sheet i made (optional)

Let's begin!

Cut 2 tubes at length. The size of the lampshade determines the length of the tube! To determine the lengt of the tubes i did the following:

(Widest point of lampshade divided by 2) + (Thickness of pallet plank) + (1 centimeter clearing) = The right size tube

When you have cut the tubes debur them with some sandpaper so it won't scrape the electrical wire. I folded some sandpaper around the tubes and twisted the tubes so they get a nice brushed look.

Drill a hole the size of your lamp socket in the top of the pallet spacer block. Drill it about half way through.
Drill 2 holes the size of your tubing in the back of the block. Drill it about halfway through. Make sure the the top tube hole connects to the socket hole so you can feed a wire through.

Drill 2 holes with the same measurements as your tubing holes in the plank.

Feed a wire to the top hole in the plank, through the top tube and via the top tube hole in the block out the socket hole at the top. (see cheat sheet).

Wire the lampsocket, switch and plug. I won't explain how, if you don't know how PLEASE get someone who does to do it for you!!
Electricity is dangerous when you don't know what you are doing. Well that goes for everything really ;)
I don't want people hurt just because they wanted to make this awesome lamp!

Glue all the parts together with strong glue. (see cheat sheet)
Drill a hole in the plank so you can put a nail or screw through and hang it on your wall.

After it dries attach the lampshade and screw in a bulb. Turn on the light and sit in awe for an hour or two.

This is my first instructable ever! I hope the cheat sheet will make this instructable understandable.
Feel free to ask anything that isn't clear. Thank you for reading!

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