Awesome ECO Guitar Picks!




Introduction: Awesome ECO Guitar Picks!

This is my first instructable so comment if i could do something better.

Im gonna show you how to make good paper guitar picks!

What you need:

Glue stick
Guitar pick(just for tracing)

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Step 1: Paper for the Win!

First get an A4 paper.
Fold it in half then in half again.

Step 2: The Shape

Now get a pen or pencil and carefully trace your guitar pick on the paper,but make sure you have the edge of the pick facing the folded edge of the paper.

Step 3: The Most Challenging Part Lol

Now cut it out.Make sure that all the pieces of paper are fit perfectly.
Now glue all the faces together and put it under a heavy book or something...

Step 4: FreeStyle

Now heres the best part!!! You get to design it yourself XD
I did mine like this but you can do yours how you want!

Have fun!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    hey yes it is but mke sure your push it together very well after you apply the glue because then it will just come apart