Awesome Sauce Party!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Well to give Lilly the best birthday ever me and HMice had to keep it a secret so here is an ible tell her about it and such so to get started we had to get some balloons and then we got some lollies and geuss what 
WE GOT A JUMPING CASTLE!!!!!!!! yeah (hope you liked it Lilly) 

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Step 1: Getting Balloons!!!!

Well Balloons are a must at all party's lets go get some *gets balloons* yay i got balloons 

Step 2: Lollies

Well you pretty much get the lollies and poor them in a boll and your done 

Step 3: Jumping Castles!!!!!!!!!

Well there was a big thing with the jumping castle but all worth it i won't go into detail it's realllly boring so that's it.
if anyone wants come just get on a plane and come over!! 
This ible is a work in progress so the REAL photo's will be coming soon  

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