Axe Can Stove

Introduction: Axe Can Stove

With this little stove you can cook almost anything almost anywhere. Its really great for camping. If your tired of freeze dried camping food you could slap a pan on top and cook up some stew but it might take awhile. With this stove you can boil 8 oz. of water in about 2 minutes. If your are going to use this I recomend using it ouit side and setting it on a rock because it gets very hot! Ask for parent permision and have an adult suppervise/help you with some of the steps.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

-Axe can
-exacto blade/box cutter
-scicors/tin snips
-hand sanatizer
-table salt

Step 2: Prep

Make sure can is empty, please dont waste a whole can. Then remove black cap, press the white plunger down with punch to release remaning air. Then place punch on/in white plunger and hit with hamer.

Step 3: Measureing and Cuting

First measure about 1 1/2 in. from the bottom and mark all the way arround.Then score it with the blade. Then punch small whole in line you scored. Then cut with scicors/snips. Repeat on the top except cut on the 2nd size increser lin from top.

Step 4: Sand

Sand the rim on both peices. Be careful these can be extremely sharp!

Next find the bigest drill bit you have, nothing to crazy, and drill the top hole slightly wider.

Then drill an even number of holes on the top for jets anywhere from 4-16 holes depending on your bit size.
I started out with four and ended up with eight.

Step 5: Puting Together

place the top of the can in the bottom and crimp the edges around the holes. you might have to place it in upside down. Results may vary.

Step 6: Fuel

About an ounce of Heet will work as a fuel but you can make fuel if you don't have any. Firrs get a container, salt, and hand sanatizer. Add a small amount of salt thn about 10x that of hand sanatizer. And mix. This seperates the alcohol from the otherr non burning cleaning agents. Also known as denatured alcohol.

Step 7: Add Fuel and Light

Pour fuel into small hole on top and drip some on the side holes for primeing. Then light and enjoy.

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    Hey there - this is a good build, but do your think you could re-upload your images with the correct orientation? Thanks