Axe Spray Can Secret Container




Introduction: Axe Spray Can Secret Container

Ever have something you wanted to hide but didn't know where? Or needed something portable to keep valuables in when you're on a trip? This is the answer. This seemingly normal Axe spray can may look normal, but upon farther investigation has a secret compartment!

*Disclaimer* I can not be held responsible for any injuries caused while making this or damage to personal property. This is a pressurized can, use caution when opening it.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Empty axe spray can, flathead screw driver, pliers. The thinner the top of the screw driver the better.

Step 2: Remove the Top

The title says it all. Remove the black top off the can. It may be hard to remove, but just keep trying and it will come off eventually. When its off if should look like the picture.

Step 3: Begin Opening the Can

If you look close at the top you should see a bit of a ledge. Insert the screwdriver and try to pry it up.

Step 4: Keep Working

Keep prying it up with the screwdriver. Use the pliers to help pull it back.

Step 5: The Rubber Seal

The more you pull back and should see a rubber seal. This is what keeps the gas inside the can. Once you get to this you may hear a hiss and possibly some bubbles. This is the axe fragrance along with the propellants its mixed with. Wash your hands when you finish if any get on you.

Step 6: Opening It

Keep going until your can starts looking like this. Take your pliers an try pulling it out. You may have to do some more folding back an elbow grease to get it out.

Step 7: DONE!

When you are done this is what it should look like. The metal you pulled out can be thrown away. You may want to wash the inside of the can well with soap and water to get rid of the smell.

Step 8: What Now?

Remember the black plastic top we took off in the beginning? It fits right on, hiding the hole. Hide whatever you would like in there (food or drinks not recommended). This works on the smaller Axe spray cans as well. Enjoy!

*Disclaimer* whatever you place in the can cannot be sprayed out.

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14 Discussions

Great idea will have to see if my son hiding stuff there

1 reply

2 years ago

can you smell the things you put in there or is it smell proof

im voting for dis for both contests(the secret compartment and the hardware)

this is epic im going to make so many of these for everything from airsoft BBs to cash this is the best idea ever!!!!!!!

Pretty good idea immuneShark!

The only problem i can see, is some1 might come across it, check to see if it sprays, think its empty then throw it away! But apart from that, great Instructable.

1 reply

This is *always* the problem with clever hiding places :) "That old desk? Oh we sent it to the charity shop". "Those old books? Oh we put them in the recycling" ... AaAaAgh!!

To make sure your aerosol can is really safe to open, no nasty little surprises ... when you think it's empty, place it in a bucket/sink of hot water and hold it under for a while. Occasionally press the nozzle (under water). Bubbles should come out. When you can't bubble no more, take it out.

It now has a partial vacuum instead and will not splat you in the eye when you puncture the seals!

You can't spray your placed items back out?! Damn I was hoping...

Thanks! I went through and corrected any more errors I saw. Good eye!

You said ..." so it can be through away." It is thrown away. Typo. Your idea is good though.

If you use a can opener the black cap wont go back on. Im pretty sure it snaps on using the rolled lip. Thank you!

You can remove the top with a can opener, other than that, great idea!