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Introduction: Aztec Sword

An Aztec obsidian bladed sword, actually called a Macuahuitl (ma-kwa-weedle). We were invited to attend a huge youth activity where we all dressed up like people from ancient American civilizations. For my costume, I made a wooden Aztec sword. As a side note: this could be used against The Walking Dead.

Sword Specs...

Length: 32"

Weight: 14oz

Material: Wood and Leather

Total Cost: about $5

Step 1: Tools and Materials

32" piece of 1x4 lumber

30" strip of leather

15" strip of leather

54" strip of ribbon (preferably animal skin pattern)

5 small brad nails

Black paint

Mod Podge glue

Table saw

Sand paper (I used an electric sander)

Optional items:

Band saw


Step 2: Shape the Sword Handle

Cut 3/4" off both sides of the board for 7" from one end to form the handle, as per the picture.

Also, drill a 3/8" hole near the end.

Step 3: Cut the Notches Between the Obsidian Blades

On the other end from the handle, cut 3/4" deep by 1/2" wide notches on both sides of the board.

Cut a total of 5 notches down each side of the board with 3 3/4" between each notch, as per the picture.

Step 4: Shape the Sword Blade Edges

Using a scrap block of 1x4, mark the center of the 1" narrow edge.

Set the table saw blade at about a 10° angle and about a 3/4" deep cut, then make a test cut on the scrap block. As per the picture.

Continue to adjust the angle of the blade by increments until the center mark is reached (make sure to adjust the fence so as not to contact the saw blade). Cut the other side of the scrap block to verify the "Obsidian Blades" looks right.

Once you have the saw blade and fence dialed in correctly, cut all four edges of the 1x4 sword. This should leave a sharp edge down the center of both narrow edges.

Now, sand everything down really good. Especially the "Obsidian Blades", you don't want saw marks on the blades.

Step 5: Decorate, Paint, and Embellish the Sword

Place the animal skin ribbon down the center on one side, wrap it over the end opposite the handle, and then down the center on the opposite side. Nail the ribbon in place on one side, making sure the end and the nail will be covered by the leather of the handle. Stretch it tight and nail it on the end opposite the handle (see the picture). Then nail it on the other side, again making sure the nail will be covered by the leather of the handle. Trim the end of the ribbon as needed.

Paint the "Obsidian Blades" with black paint (apply as many coats as required to make it opaque). Once dry, paint the whole sword with Mod Podge glue, including over the animal skin ribbon.

Nail one end of the leather for the handle down. Wrap the leather around the handle, making sure to cover the nail. Trim the end and side of the leather to make a nice finished looking circle around the handle. Continue to neatly wrap the leather around the handle, making a nice even spiral along the handle and covering the ends of the animal skin ribbon. Nail the end of the leather on the side, as show in the picture and trim the end and side of the leather as needed to make it look nice.

Thread the wrist strap leather through the hole and tie a knot.

Add artwork, feathers, or other items to enhance the sword.

Step 6: The War Is ON!

Now you're ready for Aztec combat or post-apocalyptic mayhem.

If you're really in trouble you could embed some metal strips or blades into each edge to stop those zombies or the Walking Dead.

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