Börtikel for Breakfast

Introduction: Börtikel for Breakfast

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Today, I am going to show you how to cook Börtikel for sunday breakfast. You are so lucky because today, you are going to learn how to cook delicious tasteful Börtikel!

The need list:

1. Red pepper - 1 piece

2. Green Charliston pepper - 1 piece

3. Cheese - 20-50 grams

4. Egg - 1 piece (Large)

5. Teflon pan

6. Mint for spice - A little bit

7. (Optional) Sunflower seed oil


Börtikel is one portion for one person. You can also add limed pieced meat which is optional.

Step 1: Video Explanation

I prepared a video to explain step-by-step. (Video language is Turkish, you can follow steps by video)

Note: Check for subtitle option on the video's gear icon settings.

Step 2: Final

Afiyet olsun ! Bon Apetit ! Enjoy your meal !


That's all !



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