Introduction: BABY BLANKET:)

How to make a blanket out of just yarn and your fingers!

Step 1: Finger Weaving

To start, hold your selected yarn in your hand with your thumb like shown in the first picture.
Weave the yarn, over and under, your other 4 fingers like the next three pictures show.
Then, like the fourth picture, bring the bottom loop over your two fingers. Then weave in and out and repeat the lifting over about 5-10 more times.
Then as shown In the last picture, let go of the peace you were holding with your thumb and pull.
After this you will keep weaving and pulling until you reached your desired length.

Step 2: Laying It Out

You can either make one long strand, or several as I did. I lined them up for sizing as shown above so I could measure the other strand I'm going to use to attach it.

Step 3: Laying It Out Part 2

I got a different color for this, but you could use the same if you'd like.
Make a long strand of this yarn, like you did the other ones, but lay it on top so you know how long you would like to make it.

Step 4: Putting It All Together Part 1

Tie the ends together with the strands that stick off each strand. Then attach your longest yarn strand as shown in the second picture above.

Step 5: Final Steps!

Finally, start basket weaving the yarn through itself. (Over under over under) until you reach the end. Then tie it off and either tie or cut off the loose strands and your done with your blanket!!

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