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These simple bacon and cheese balls are great for any game night. Delicious and easy to make they are loved by all ! You can also adjust them to your guest: vegetarians are coming over and you're not sure what kind of snack to do ? Make a batch of these and replace the bacon with chopped up peppers. Everyone will be happy !

What is really brilliant with these is that you can make a bunch of them in advance and freeze so they are ready anytime. How awesome is that?

You will need:

- Pizza Dough

- Bacon

- Cheese

- Fresh Basil

- A Fryer

- Empty beer bottle



Slice up the bacon and cook it slightly. It should still be quite pink and not crispy, it will cook more in the fryer.

Grate the cheese.

Chop up a few leaves of fresh basil

Trust me the Basil in them is tots amazeballs.

(I forgot to put the basil in the orignal batch for this instructables, but I did them again to show you)


Take a little ball of dough and roll it out.

I've been living in my first flat and I am still missing a few tools, so I just use a beer bottle for a roller and it works perfectly !

When rolled out, the circle should be about 4cm in diameter and about 3-4mm thick.

Add the toppings to the center of the dough.


So make sure you do this step right or they will explode in the fryer later.

1. Fold the dough over the fillings

2. Pinch the dough together many times and at many different angles to close it up

3. Gently role the ball in your hand to give it a nice shape.

Make sure you don't rip the dough. There shouldn't be any holes so it can cook properly.


Set your fryer at 170*C

When it is hot enough put a few dough balls at a time in the fryer.

If they do not do it themselves turn them occasionally.

Cook for about 7-9 minutes or until golden.

Take out of the fryer and place on a peace of kitchen paper to take away the excess oil.


If you don't have a fryer do not fret, you can bake them.

Place the balls on a cooking sheet

Dab a little olive oil over each balls to avoid burning

Place in oven at about 220*C for about 15 minutes or until golden. (check your dough's cooking instruction)

Step 4: SERVE

Serve Hot with your favorite dips & accept all the compliments on your amazing cooking skills.

Hope you enjoy these as much as I do !

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I've got to try making those.


3 years ago

I'm kind of a noob, but should I cook the bacon before putting it in the dough, or will it cook in the fryer?

1 reply

Not a noob at all ! I tried both to see which gave the best result. You don't have to cook the bacon before putting it in the fryer, it will be cooked enough to be safe to it just by frying them. BUT it's not crispy at all. So I recommend cooking the bacon a little bit before hand. It doesn't need to be super cooked, like cook half of what you usually would and the fryer will do the rest.

Really Easy and great work! Can i add coating for it like bread crumbs? :)

For we Yanks, that is roughly 350° F for the fryer or 425° F for the oven.

I'm going to have to make these soon! They look soooo good!!

Is-it possible not to fry them but cook them in an oven ? Look reallllly delicious btw :D

1 reply

It is ! You would cook them a bit like you would regular pizza. If you bought dough follow the instructions on the packet and keep an eye on it. Dap a little oil on the top of each ball to prevent the top burning as it cooks all the way through. They are incredibly delicious. When I made this batch I made an other for a few hours later. Couldn't resist !

They look delicious!! Where did you get your fryer?

2 replies

In a small shop in the town were i'm living. I doubt it would be any help though as I live in Germany. Try amazon they have loads !

Very good idea! Going to try this soon! Thanks for sharing :-)