About: electrical artist who jumps off cliffs

Motion activated Bat See video below Made from plastic warehouse slip sheets held together with wide head screws. 1/2 " EMC conduit through the ears attached to roof. Fangs are made from vertical blind slats. Behind the wings are ping pong table legs (for hinges) attached to 2X4 's bolted to the roof edge. A garage door opener it mounted to the roof behind the head. purple close line rope tied to the glide strung through eye bolt lags one set of 2 routed to close wings and and one set of 2 to open.. one motion detector to activate the opener (wings) and a photo cell to turn on lights in eyes and decor lights that frame the wings. please have someone with electrical knowledge assist with all electrical components. The bat can be stationary (no electrical ) if desired See video below .



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    Woah that is huge and awesome! You should think about entering our First Time Authors Challenge!