BATTLE NATIONS #1 Levelling Up

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This will hopefully be the start of a new series I'm doing of the game BATTLE NATIONS i will be showing you some tips and tricks along the series

Step 1: Farming

There are many ways to level up fast in battle nations one of the main ones is farming.On the farms theres a crop called daikon its the most expensive but gives you a lot of money and XP

Step 2: Workshops

Tool shops are very good cos they give you a lot of money when you make a tool but they also don't cost very much

Step 3: Orchards

Orchards are very good because they give you a lot of XP and a lot of money the dragonfruit orchard is the cheapest to buy but it still gives you 300 gold and 160 XP and you collect it every 8 hours

Step 4: Bakery

Bakery's are also good at giving you XP and with a lot of food to make you defiantly get your money back for what it costs. Next episode coming soon I'm open for some suggestion for #2 and #3 please like and comment!



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