BB-8 Cake




Hi everyone! I want to show you how to make an amazing BB-8 cake, i hope you enjoy it!

Step 1: Supplies

you will need:

silicon mat


round cutter

1 precision knife

1 Mini Half Sphere Silicone Mold

fondant cutter or spatula

fondant tools

patterns ( you can see them in the picture)

2 round Piping Nozzles

1 brush

1 powder brush

1 cake base

1 mini round cake base

1 wood stick

1 nail and hammer



fondant: white, orange, black and gray

1.5 lb aprox cake pop dough

piping gel

corn flour

buttercream ( I like to use the white decorator icing from wilton)


vegetable butter ( i like to use crisco all-vegetable)

black petal dust

silver dust

Step 2: Give Shape

first take 1.2 lb cake pop dough, make a sphere and refrigerate, then measure the wood stick height, it have to be 3cm more than the sphere.

Now use the Mini Half Sphere Silicone Mold to fill it with a little more of cake pop dough and extend the rest dough to cut a circle. Join both parts with frosting and refrigerate. This will be the head.

Once cold, join the mini round cake base (previously perforated by the middle) with frosting.

for the structure, nail the wooden stick to the base, so the cake won't move.

Next, take again the sphere and make a hole just in the middle, then cover all the sphere and the mini half sphere with a thin butter cream layer. when you finish refrigerate again.

Step 3: Decoration

first extend white fondant to cover the sphere very carefully Then remove the fondant excess and place the cake on the base. Repeat to cover the head.

Now extend orange fondant, cut five circles and then with your precision knife cut in every circle the pattern #1. Then with the fondant tools make lines and dots on the circles to decorate, at the end stick all the circles and make more lines and dots on the rest of sphere just like i show you.

Next extend gray fondant, cut the pattern 3,4,5,6 and 7 and then stick each pattern inside the circles. Then take the silver dust, mix with a little of rum and paint whit your brush all the gray parts.

For the head, take a fondant tool to make lines and do the engrave like i do. Then extend gray fondant, cut the pattern #2 it will be stick on the top of head. Once this is done, engrave lines in the circle and finish with the silver dust.

Now cut 3 strips, one orange, one black and one gray, place the orange under the gray circle. Then take the gray strip , paste it into the black and put on the bottom of head. As before, paint the gray strip with silver dust.

Again cut an orange strip and divide it, stick every part around the head like i show you.

Next extend black fondant, cut 2 circles with the piping nozzles and one of them cut it again to make like a ring. Then stick them and place 2 mini black fondant balls in the middle. Make it shine with a little bit of water.

To finish the decoration make it look dirty using the powder brush and the black petal dust. Then stick a mini silver ring in the middle of the head and last take white fondant and make 2 thin ropes, let them dry and put them on the top of head to be the antenna.

Now only connect the head to the body and your BB-8 will be ready!



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    That Redhead

    2 years ago

    Great work! best of luck!