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What can you do if winter has arrived and outside is too cold to go?? Prepare a cup of tea, put on the best music that you have, take your wool and take possession of the sofa....don't you have wool?????? NO, you've got to buy it in advance, no one knows when winter will come, and this project will let you stay warm! In this case if you want to make a big warm blanket, buy BIG yarn/chunky merino, I'll describe here how I made a blanket for double bed and it takes 4.5-5 kg of big yarn but if you have a single one you will need 2-2.5 kg.

Step 1: Step 1: How to Start

I don't use giant needle because if you want to relax it's better to work with your own hands...let's start! Make the first node and then extract the yarn to create a braid long enough to cover the bed (measure it to be sure of the lenght)

Step 2: Step 2: Second, Third and So On

Now start the second round: turn left the yarn and extract it from each stitch till end of the round, than turn right and go on as long as you see the end of the yarn

Step 3: Step 3: How to End

If you see that yarn is ending, leave enough for the last round. In this case extract 2 consecutive stitches

(A and B) then:

1. pass the first one (A) throught the second (B) and then extract again new yarn (C)

2. again extract the first one (now it's B) thought the second (C) and then extract new yarn (D)

3. go on till the end of the raw then cut the yarn and extract the last part from the last stitch

Step 4: Note: Merging Yarn Balls

If you use different yarn balls (different color, different size...) you can merge the yarn simply winding it.



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    LaraPPenolopy Bulnick

    Reply 8 months ago

    You can find it easy on "amazon", "etsy", "we are knitters" ....I bought mine on etsy!


    8 months ago

    Such a lovely idea... And a very precise and detailed tutorial! Thanks