BB Gun Spray Paint Can Art

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 As usual I did not think I was going to put this on Instructables so I did not take pictures when we were doing this painting.

My son and I are always looking for something fun to shoot with his BB Gun in our back yard (we do not shoot animals).This is BB Gun Art. My son and I were shooting some old spray paint cans with his bb gun. I put a streched canvas under the cans and when you hit the can it sprays everywear and all over the canvas.

I know what you are thinking How Dangerous.

It is not dangerous unless you are near a flame. I would not throw one in a fire but, puncturing it is no more dangerous than pressing the tip to paint with it. Just don't do it with a hammer and nail unless you want paint all over yourself. We were about 15 to 20 feet away. You do not want to use a table that you do not want paint all over and not to be near anything else you do not want paint on because it will make a mess. It was a fun way to get rid of some old paint and now my paint cans are safer to throw away.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Careful, you could but an eye out with that art. An original Crossman-Pollack. I love it.

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