BBQ Hot Tub for Free




Introduction: BBQ Hot Tub for Free

get ingredients

Step 1: Clean and Collect

scrub old iron tub

Step 2: Set Up Foundation's

dug out a space in suitable sunny spot set up posts to support the 4 corners then concrete breeze blocks to support BBQ off dirt

Step 3: Cooking With Gas

old bbq frame had rusted to bits but cooker was still good so I have cannibised this for the heat

Step 4: Light It Up

adjust height of flame add kids and whatever garnish you like:)



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    I did something like this years ago when I was homesteading our place.
    I used wood and it would take about 2 hours with a small fire to get it warm and then the coals kept it perfectly hot for a while.
    I just plopped it on to cinder blocks with my front end loader.
    I also plugged the over flow so it was really deep.

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    nice the good thing with the gas burner is it only takes ten twenty minutes to heat and there is no smoke getting in your eyes

    Cool! if you can't find the propane stuff around the house or in a junkyard, the big W sells grill repair items so you can do the burner for around $20-30.