BBQ Noodles!




Simple, easy and great tasting recipe for BBQ noodles!

Step 1: Ingredients...

1)Spaghetti Noodles 2)BBQ Sauce 3)Water 4)Pepper

Step 2: Adding Water...

Add water into pan until about an inch off the bottom.

Step 3: Adding Noodles...

Add however many spaghetti noodles you wish to serve into the water on high heat.

Step 4: Cooking...

Cook on high heat until almost all the water is evaporated.

Step 5: Adding Sauce...

If the noodles are cooked and soft, start this step. If not repeat step 4. Add BBQ sauce to the noodles and turn heat off. Be sure to consistently stir so the sugar in the sauce won't burn.

Step 6: Serving...

Put noodles in a bowl and serve. Try adding pepper to give more flavor and a little more zing!



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    YUM! Reminds me of a odd sauce noodle concoction I made up when I had to use up a bunch of ingredients! Fun way to eat bbq!