BBQ Sticks Golden Gate Bridge





In this instructable, we will show you how to build a wooden model of the infamous golden gate bridge out of barbecue skewers.


  • Glue
  • Barbecue wooden sticks
  • Cutting pliers
  • Secateur
  • Exacto knife

It's recommended to print this schematic and work on it directly: Link:Schematic

Step 1: Constructing the Pylon

In this first step, we will be creating the pylons of the bridge. We will start by creating the sides by stacking the sticks into layers:

  • Central layer : 10 sticks
  • Second layer : 6 sticks
  • The last layer : 2 sticks

We need 2 poles for one tower.

Step 2: Creating Tower Details:

Next, we will create the detail pieces that connect the side of a tower.

Each detail is color coded in the schematic.( Check image notes).

Creating the details is a matter of following our schematic (cutting sticks into shape and gluing them together).

Step 3: Assembling the Tower:

The third step is straightforward , we just glue the detail pieces to the sides of the tower by following the schematic.

Step 4: Creating the Truss:

Just like any other detail, making the truss is a matter of following the schematic.

Step 5: Making the Suspension:

The most difficult part in this step is bending the sticks to match the curvature specified in the schematic,we used thumbtacks to bend the sticks as shown in the video. We keep the thumbtacks in place while we work on the suspenders. After being done the suspenders will apply force on the suspension stick to help keep it in shape.

Finally we glue the truss together with suspenders.

Step 6: Assembly:

Now that all of our parts are done, the only thing that remains is assembling them together.We start with gluing the suspensions(step5) to the sides of a tower.Then to create the roads of the bridge we cut the wooden veneer into planes.we glued additional skewers along the interior sides of the tusses,the planes will then be glued on top of the additional skewers. The same thing applies on the second part of the bridge.



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    7 Discussions


    8 weeks ago

    Nice work...very cool!
    I want to make a similar model of the George Washington Bridge. I looked around for a schematic but I could find anything. Could you possibly look around for one since you know what to look for?
    Thanks for your help!


    7 months ago

    Very cool! After helping 4 kids build balsa bridges so they can be crushed, here is something very cool for me (no crushing allowed). Well done!

    1 reply