BBQ Table




Introduction: BBQ Table

BBQ Table made from table top that was found in a skip, bbq had been left out for scrap man by a neighbour, legs were claimed from an old table.

Step 1: Marking the Bbq Hole

I've started by marking out hole required with the bbq lid. Also attached some wood underneath the table top for the legs to sit against.

Step 2: BBQ Hole

I've cut the hole out with a jig saw, far from a profestional cut. Then screwed 4 screws into the side to rest the bbq in the hole and keep it from touching the wood for obvious reasons.

Step 3: Jobs a Goodun

BBQ sits in nicely with a gap all the way round, winding the screws in or out let the bbq drop or be raised slightly.

Step 4: Still to Do

still need to sand the table for painting and try salvage a new lid or fix a better handle, I'm thinking of welding a spanner for a handle. Check back.

Step 5:



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    Did a similar build a couple of years ago, have a look at my instructable which shows one way of dealing with the heat. Although I wasn't trying to cook on mine, as I found the heat transfer through the bbq burnt all the wood it was supported by!
    Looks damn good though

    Voted for you xx


    2 years ago

    Great upcycling. Just watch your knees ... It might get hot under the table ?

    Do you suppose a cable spool would work for this?

    1 reply

    Yeah I don't see why not, another I thought was a long narrow grill down the middle of a picnic bench?

    Could call a party with this a 'grill-due' instead of 'fondue.' lol Such fun!

    1 reply

    This would be great for one of those deals where everyone at the part can cook their own meal.