BBQ Marination Recipe


Introduction: BBQ Marination Recipe

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sprite/7up or ginger beer
oyster sauce
soy sauce
red food coloring
chillie powder
pepper powder
salt to taste
lemon juice

add onions and garlic to a food processor and blend well and put it into  a large bowl, add the rest of the things except chicken and mix well.add the chicken and marinate well over night in a refrigerator.

have a nice BBQ :)



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    Sounds tasty. Due to allergies, I'll be leaving out the oyster sauce( and maybe adding paprika to the batch), but otherwise, I'm looking forward to trying this, this weekend.

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    :) i tried this three days back and it was very tasty and thought of making a i'able,
    enjoy your BBQ and don't forget to add pictures,waiting to see how it turns