BBQ Skewer Picture Frames

Introduction: BBQ Skewer Picture Frames

these simple elegant photos are easy to make and brighten up any room in your home or office. so long as you are a good drawer you can make decor that fits any style room. ive made about twenty of these in my lifetime and i sell them to friends. they also make great little gifts. have fun decorating :G

Step 1: Easy to Gather Materials:

1 or 2 10in. BBQ skewers
thread or yarn (embroidery string works best!)
office paper
colored pencils (only art supplies that work)

use sketch paper or heavier weight paper (if you want no light to pass through)
you can make a picture that displays messages when you hold it up to light but you cant use paper any thicker than office paper

Step 2: Cutting the Pieces

now you can cut your skewers. im makin g mine a square because im lazy but you can cut pieces differently
suggested combinations:
3in. by 4half
4half y 5in.
4in. by 5in.
they can be any length as long as 2 are 1measurement and 2 are the second measurement so u can make a square

Step 3: Starting to Build

take 2 skewers of different lengths (IMPORTANT!!!!!!!) make sure the skewers are not the same length unless u are making a perfect square

now tie them together like shown below

Step 4: Starting to Wind

bend the joint so it looks like an L shape

now  wind the thread around the frame on the outer side of the joint about ten times

look at the second image     now wind the thread along the inner side of the joint about ten times

(alternate these steps until the joint is solid  and  the swewer does not slide between the thread when you take your hand off

Step 5: Continuing to Wind

now that u have completed a joint... you can continue to the next without disconnecting the thread
(remember im using embroidery string which is much thicker than thread. thread is too thin to show up on camera)

wind around the cylinder as shown below

Step 6: Finishing on Your Own

once you are close to the end of the skewer place another one and wind it the same way as the first joint.
(this time you don't need to tie)
continue until you have a complete square (or whatever shape u wer hoping for)
im sorry im leaving the rest up to you but i have confidence in you that you can complete this task without further assistance :G

Step 7: The Picture

now lay your completed frame on the office paper.

trace the outline of ur frame and cut it out just a little bit inside the lines.

now u can draw your picture... draw whatever ur little heart desires the most
(if ur lazy you can print a picture and trim it to fit which is an easy alternative for beginners.)

when done just tape the photo in the frame but before u do this check out opt. attachments

Step 8: Opt. Attachments

when you have your picture drawn you can write an invisible message on the back. if you draw a waterfall for ex. and want the word EARTH to be in the middle you can follow these instructions

flip over your frame and find the spot where u want to write on the back of the picture. write the message as a COMPLETE MIRROR IMAGE dont u dare mess this up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(write in black colored pencil and press hard or else it wont show up

tape a sheet of paper the same size as the photo to the back.

if you have done everything correctly... you should not be able to see words from either side, now hold it up to a bright light and the letters will amgically appear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now tape it into the frame

Step 9: Ur Done

ur done u little designer u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
now go have fun

i challenge u to think of new ways to use these frames but have fun for now

-A Message From
 the owner and opperator of V-Works ltd.

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