BCP Sign

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This is a project using the Hummingbird

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Step 1: Supplies

Wood($1.40 square foot)
Hummingbird(kit $160)
Spray paint

Step 2: Finished Prject

This is the finished project

Step 3: Instructions

1.We made the outline of the LETTERS on a 3D designing app called OnShape.
2.Then we took the file from the app and transferred it into a laser cutter in order to cut it out.
3. We painted the back piece with spray paint and that you have to wait for it to dry
4.We got small pieces of wood we cut out and sanded down and THEN we glued those onto the letters and then onto the board.
5.Then we drilled holes through the back of the back piece and created a code to make the red lights appear and flash and then we placed them through the holes.

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    3 years ago

    That's a great looking sign! Thanks for sharing!