BCS (Battery Charging Station)

A portable battery charging station!


Four 36 inch’ 2x4,

two sheets of 32 in wood panels

two hinges

shoe organizer

twelve inch long screws

six 3” screws

finishing nails


box cutter

5/16" & 1"drill bits

long zip ties

drill, hammer, three regular sized surge protectors and one heavy duty power strip

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Step 1: Build Frame

Mark all spots for pilot holes on the top of the four 2x4’s the first one is 3 1/2 inches down then mark 2 more 11 1/2 down each and the front of the two panels. Using the 5/16th bit, drill the pilot holes in the top of the 2x4’s and line up one panel with two 2x4’s and drill through the panel into the 2x4’s and keep it aligned, do the same with the other panel and 2x4’s. Use 1” screws to attach the panel to the 2x4’s.

On one panel, on the side that doesn’t have the 2x4’s, put four 4 inch spaced marks on the top, two inches from the top of the board, in the middle of the panel put four more 4 inch spaced marks, and do the same towards the bottom.Drill through the marks using the 1 inch drill bit.

Step 2: Mark and Drill Pilot Holes Where Surge Protectors Will Go

Flip the panel over and put the three smaller surge protectors 3 inches apart evenly between the top holes and the middle holes and mark a spot on the left above and below each surge protector and the same on the right. Put the HD power strip below the bottom holes and mark the left and right. Drill through the marks using the 5/16 bit, this is where your zip ties will attach the power strips.

Step 3: Attach Shoe Organizer

On the other panel, on the side that doesn’t show the 2x4’s, mark four evenly spaced places, same in the middle. Drill the holes using the 5/16 bit.

Take the shoe organizer and cut it in half. Next, line them on the panels, mark on the organizer where the pockets sit on the bigger holes. Use the box cutter to cut holes where the marks are for the cords to go through. Also, cut slits through the bottom of the pockets to plug the power chords into the chargers.

Step 4: Secure Surge Protectors

Take the panel with the small holes for the zip ties and attach the surge protectors on the underside where the 2x4’s are.

Step 5: Secure Shoe Organizer and Attach Hinges

Take the shoe organizer for the specific sides and attach them using the finishing nails; make sure to pull the chart taught as you are going down attaching it to the panel.

Stand the two panels up together with the 2x4’s facing each other and attach the hinges on the top of the 2x4’s using the 3” screws.

Step 6: Add Batteries!

Feed the cords through to the holes to the opposite holes to charge the batteries. Pull the power cords up through the back of the pocket chart and plug it into the chargers. The pull the plug down through the bottom and plug each row into the correlating surge plug in.

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    This is absolutely brilliant


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    Excellent idea! : )