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The big wedding is TOMORROW! The groom has carefully chosen Becky's ROCK and has it safely put away. Becky is so delighted with her bright dazzling diamond she wanted to make a pro-to type to share its beauty. Then the young couple realized they did not have a guest book! This is an instructable about how they resolved their complex problem. Becky gets two rocks! One for show and tell and the other for her important guest to autograph!



  1. One large flat rock.
  2. White spray paint.
  3. Gold spray paint if you need to paint the band or tubing.
  4. One candle holder with dimension.
  5. Permanent marker to match wedding colors and one that will show up on the rock.
  6. Two yards of ribbon for the card and signing pen (opitional)
  7. Two feet gold, silver, or clear 1/2 inch tubing.  You will need to paint the clear because it does not show up very well in pictures. 
  8. Strong glue. 
  9. One sheet card stock paper or 10X10.
  10. Fabric 10X10.
  11. Dried rose bud.
  12. Silk flower.
  13. Ruler or straight edge.
  14. Scissors.
  15. 1 1/2 inch bolt slightly smaller than tubing to attach the ends together to form a circle. 
  16. Out-door LED  solar powered, battery operated bright light.  ( Opitional )
  17. Small very bright battery operated LED light or a light as shown.  An LED will be brighter and better.  
  18. Small plastic cup or prop for the candle holder. 


Finding the perfect rock will be the most difficult task with this instructable.  Plan a day trip with the family, drive out to the country, have a picnic, and find that perfect rock.  The rock this size is very heavy by the way.  If you're a woman you will need another person to help you lift and carry it to the car. 


It is time to paint the pretty rock you found.  I painted the whole rock on both sides to make sure all the guest will be able to sign it.   It can be any color as long as it matches the wedding colors and you can find a marker that will go with the color theme. 

Step 4: CARD

  1. Cut out a card with the pinking scissors measuring 7X8.
  2. Cut out the fabric measuring 7X8.
  3. Fold the card in half.
  4. Paste the fabric on the front of the card.
  5. Cut the ribbon and make a bow.
  6. Make an oval pattern, trace it onto the card stock paper, and cut it with the pinking scissors, and paste it in the center of the card leaving a border around the edges as shown. 
  7. Glue the bow and glue the dried rose bud over the bow.
  8. Write "please sign bride's ( Becky's )rock."
  9. Fold the back of the card up as shown so it will be slanted for viewing at the table. 
  10. Set the card aside. 


  1. Apply the glue to the bolt and slide it into one end of the tubing. 
  2. Hold it until it bonds.
  3. Glue the remaining end of the bolt and slide it into the other end of the tubing and press into the tubing so it goes in as far as it can. 
  4. Hold it in place until it bonds. 
  5. Glue the silk flower to cover the bolt.




  1. Place the ring on top of the rock towards the bottom center.
  2. Attach the light to the candle holder center.
  3. Place the small plastic cup at the top of the ring for additional support for the candle holder or diamond.
  4. Glue the candle holder to the ring.
  5. You are not going to glue the ring to the rock because I am going to show you what else we are going to do with the rock later.
  6. Glue the pen cap to the rock with the ink end facing down so that the ink will stay at the tip.  If you like you can glue the ribbon to the pen so it stays at the signing table.  Place the pen into the cap when it dries. 
  7. At the wedding place a flat object under the rock to give it a small slope.






Place the card on the rock and you have just finished your wedding ceremony guest signing rock for the special occasion. After the wedding the bride and groom may use the rock for a table top by adding a pedestal, or cinder block or they can use it as an outdoor decoration by adding a thermometer and a solar light. The ring can also  be saved as a keep-sake for when the young couple reach a ripe old age.



After the honey moon Becky and the groom can embellish the rock with house numbers, or a  thermometer, or a key holder. A brightly lit solar light would light the house numbers in the dark  if the rock is placed where it is in the full sun for at least 8 hours a day. The rock needs to be place on a slope so it can be seen easily.  They might even decide to convert it to an end table.

To embellish the rock, view the pictures and run your cursor over the boxes to read the instructions.




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    I followed the guidelines. I was also notified of which instructables were eligible for the contest.
    Adhesives keep the world together and Gorilla Glue makes the best adhesives around. Their products are great for projects and so we've teamed up with them to kick off the Gorilla Glue Make It Stick Contest!

    The rules are simple: make a new Instructable that involves an adhesive to enter the contest. It can be a product from Gorilla Glue or not, just as long as it's stuck together and it's awesome.

    One large flat rock.
    White spray paint.
    Gold spray paint if you need to paint the band or tubing.
    One candle holder with dimension.
    Permanent marker to match wedding colors and one that will show up on the rock.
    Two yards of ribbon for the card and signing pen (opitional)
    Two feet gold, silver, or clear 1/2 inch tubing. You will need to paint the clear because it does not show up very well in pictures.
    Strong glue.
    Paste the fabric on the front of the card. (Glued here.)


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea, Sylvia! You are always so creative. Wish I had one for Thursday when Casey and Donna have their wedding in my garden.

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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Darn! I would have made them one when I was there if I had thought of it at the time. How sweet! A garden wedding at your house! Oh how I am missing out.

    Thanks for your comment. Yes, actually 2! A simulated one for her finger as in" Look at that ROCK on her finger!" AND: the other a guest signing rock for a keepsake. I just could not resist the pun for this instructable.

    Because I am old and wise I have discovered that it is the nerds that seem to fair well in this world in their later years, so you do have something to look forward to if you haven't already. How do I know? My kids always hung out with the nerds and you would be surprised if you heard their stories.Now let me be the nerd. I know what LOL is but what is LOLZ????