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My wife rescued this pitcher and bowl with it's stand from hers grandma farm ,she made a pot holder with it.

I imagine I could upgrading it ,transforming it on a side lamp,using some scrap

I had some perforated iron sheet,leftover from from house repairs ,copper tubes,leftover from splitted air conditioner, steel wire,laying around so I though could make an old fashioned lamp with them.

Step 1: Materials

To make this lamp I used
40*80 cms perforated iron sheet
2 1/2" *70cm copper tubes
230cms steel wire
70cms steel wire
threaded tube
electrical wire

Step 2: The Shade

Bend the longer wire at 70cms as in the first picture,with the shorter side mold it almost as a snail, bend the end of this side at 90°,as in the second picture

Then bend the longer side ,with wider radius ,until encounter with the shorter side,the end is also bended at 90°. Joint temporarily both ends with tape

Use paper or cardboard to make a pattern,starting at the taped end go copying the profile while rolling the frame over the cardboard

Once copied the frame mark with pointed lines at 1cm over the perimeter ,this oversize will let us bend the iron sheet over the wire .

Cut the pattern by the pointed lines,then mark and cut the iron sheet according to the pattern

Step 3: Shade and Socket Supports

Both support made of 70cm copper tubes,with the help of a inner spring gave it some waving shape

The shade is support it inserting the 90°bended ends in the tube and pressing both wires very tight on a vise as in picture 1

On the other tube drill a 3mm hole for the crossbar wire that give support to the shade's upper side,then insert the threaded nipple and fix it by point hammer as seen on picture 2

Pass the 70cm steel wire trough the hole (pic2) bend it until reach the upper side of the shade,then bend it over the wire to strengthen the support of the shade

Now we can put the "sepal", the golden shell and thread the nut to fix them

Connect the wires to the socket ,insert the wire in the tube and thread the socket

Step 4: Some Decor

Make some leaves from soda or deodorant can and the sepal and paint them with gold antique to give an old look

Drill 1,5 mm on the copper tubes to insert the leaves

Paint the shade,leaves and the sepal

Step 5: Fixing Up

Drill a 6mm hole in both copper tubes,fix them with a bronze bolt and nut and tin solder on the contacting curves

Clamp the tubes to the stand's iron sheet over a corner and we complete the making of this old fashioned lamp

Hope you like it and inspire somebody to make one,if so please vote for the contest. Thanks

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    Original and very nice. Thanks.


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