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Hi there!
First of all I'd like to state this is my first Instructable, so please excuse me if something might not be clear! Anyway if you have any question feel free to ask!
On with the tutorial now!

I keep my photo equipment in a (not so) small thig-pouch, and I used to hold my flashgun's batteries in an altoids tin, but recently I started to find it a bit inconvenient to change them with one hand, holding the tin with the other one, so I've had this funny idea: I took my old leather wallet, gutted it, and recycled it, turning it into a belt battery holder that can contain 4 AA batteries I use for the flashgun and 4 AAA batteries I use for my intervalometer or wireless trigger.

Here are the materials I used:
- Leather of any colour
- some thread
- blunted needles
- something to poke holes with
- a wooden board (to save your table when poking)
- a lighter (to burn thread and fix stitchings)
- scissors and knife
- sharpie marker
- ruler/calipers

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Step 1:

To make one yourself, start by cutting a square piece of leather with a side of 10 centimetres (approximately 4 inches): this will be the main body of the holder, and will contain the AA batteries.
Next cut another piece of leather, shaping it the way you see in picture 2: this one will be folded and sewn to form two pockets that will keep the 4 AAA batteries divided in two couples.

Step 2: The Main Body

Now take the square piece and fold it in three, using the batteries to figure out where the folding lines will be -I suggest to tape the batteries together to prevent them from rolling around-. If you find it difficult to fold the leather properly, you can try moistening it along the folding lines.

Step 3: Time for Some Sewing

Notice that all the stitchings are made using the cross stitching method. It's pretty simple to do, even if (like me) you don't have any experience in sewing. If you don't know how to do it, just surf the Internet and look for some tutorials: you'll find plenty of them on youtube.
Grab the other piece of leather and place it onto the main body.
The first part you wanna sew is the central stitching: this will allow you to fix the front part, and will make it easier to define where to poke the holes for the side stitchings lately.
Complete the front pockets by sewing the bottom parts as shown in the pic.

Step 4: The Belt Loop

Now take a third piece of leather: this will form the belt loop, so it should be 4,5 centimetres wide and about 15 centimetres long (almost 6 inches),  depending on the width of the belt you want to hang it on (mine was 4 centimetres).
Get yourself some velcro (thanks dad for the idea!!!), and sew it as you can see in picture n° 1. I actually didn't do this because I let my grandma do the stitchings with her sewing machine.
Put the belt loop on the back of the main body, poke the holes and stitch the two parts together (see pics 2-3).
Don't worry, I didn't forget the part where I traced an X: this will be folded in two and glued to form a flap, which will make it easier to undo the belt loop (you can see it in picture 3).
We are almost done!

Step 5: Final Touches!

Last thing to do is glueing and sewing the sides of the main body. I suggest sewing them fairly tight: this will give tension to the whole thing, so that the batteries won't wobble inside, risking to fall off when you walk/run.

Et voilà! You now have your homemade belt battery holder!
I hope you found this tutorial useful.
Enjoy your battery holder and if you have any doubt or suggestion, please tell in the comments!!!

Step 6: EDIT: Adding a Flap

Some days ago I was showing my holder to a friend of mine, and he made me think about something I dindn't consider at all: why not adding a flap to close the holder and definitvely eliminate the risk of batteries falling off? So here it is: I added a strip of leather (the last remaining from my poor old wallet). It's 13 centimetres long, and i glued it for the first 4 centimetres in the inside of the main body. Since it all was sewn and glued together i couldn't fix it with a stitching, so I had to be satisfied with "only" some super glue. If instead you're starting to make one from the beginning I strongly recommend sewing it together with the belt loop.
I also applied some adhesive velcro to make it stay closed, and NOW we ARE done!!! 

Thanks for reading my tutorial, you could also leave a comment if you wish!

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