This is a super quick instructable that is the best April fools prank in my opinion that i have ever done and i figured why not make this hilarious prank into an instructable so with out further ado the prank!!

REALLY IMPORTANT: When i was making this the little yellow note boxes would not save so there are temperately none i will add them in later but for now i will refer to the picture as first second third etc. 

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Step 1: Materials

Tape (any clear strong tape will do i used 3M scotch tape)
Sink sprayer

Step 2: Get the Tape

About 1 to 2 inches of tape

hahahahah 2 2 lol (sorry i had to put that in there hahah :P )

Step 3: Apply Tape to Sprayer

********************************************* make sure the sprayer is really dry for this step********************************************
1) the first picture is just a picture of the sprayer
2) Place the center of the tape on the bottom of the sprayer trigger (second picture)
3) Push down on the trigger and slide your finger around it so that the tape holds down the trigger (third picture)
4) Done make sure that the trigger is tightly tape down so it does not come off and stop spewing water at your APRIL FOOLS VICTIM (Forth picture)

Step 4: Sit Back and Watch

Set up the tape recorder or tell your parents to wash something or  your wife or something creative like that. Today I got My mom three times because she for got it was there every time and the finally after the third time she took it off for the sake of not having to change her shirt again :) HAPPY PRANKING

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