BIC BB-GUN (very Easy - Fun in the Classroom!)




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Hello guys,
i'll show you how to make a great BB-gun with some very simple stuff
that everyone has at home and it doesn't take long to make !
DONT shoot at people or animals.
( exept your brother, sister, parents, teacher, stupid/annoying people... XD)
you can use it at home, at school, at work,...

Step 1: This Is What You Will Need:

- a cutter
- a Bic pen (m10)
- a pushpin
- tape
- some BB's

Step 2:

Cut off the front part

Step 3:

it should look like this:

Step 4:

pull the pen apart:
- you need the left side
- you don't need the right side

Step 5:

cut a piece from the pen like this

Step 6:

Make this from the pushpin and a part of the pen

Step 7:

Now you have 3 parts, put them together.
First the spring than the other thing. (it rhymes)

Step 8:

cut a thin strip of tape and wrap it around the pen

And you are done !!
Have Fun !

Step 9: Here You Can See How to Use It



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    5 years ago

    That is so cool I love it!